Best Jogging Stroller Under $200

Believe it or not there are some really good jogging strollers on the market that won’t cost you over $200! Jogging strollers that many compare with the likes of the Bob Revolution SE and in some opinions even trumps it. Expensive does not always mean better.

So if you are in the market for a jogging stroller and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is out of your budget then why not take a look at one of these amazing jogging stroller under $200.

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5 Best Jogging Stroller Reviews

5 Top Rated Running Stroller Reviews for 2014-2015



 I think that when one thinks of a running stroller your mind immediately goes to the infamous Bob Revolution SE. I guess this is the jogger stroller that has set the high standards of jogging strollers. However, some people seem to be stuck in the notion that the BOB still is the best jogging stroller on the market. I beg to differ. With so many running strollers now on the market I feel that the Bob Revolution although an amazing stroller hasn’t kept up with the technological advances and hasn’t come out with a new model in a while, whilst other companies are out there making some dramatic improvements to their designs.

Don’t get me wrong. The Bob Revolution SE is an amazing jogger stroller, however it is not the only one in town. Here are the 5 top rated jogger strollers on the market. To get to the selection I looked at a few determining qualities. (more…)


Best Pink Jogging Stroller Reviews- Do You Want One?

Pretty is pink! If you are sporting a gorgeous little girl then there is no better way to shout it out to the world than by going for a jog or walk in a stylish pink jogging stroller!

Girls like pink, women love pink so it goes to say that lots of mom’s of little girls love pink too and hence the high demand for pink jogging strollers However funnily enough there really aren’t too many options of pink jogging strollers. Plenty of black though! I think every good name brand has a black jogging stroller, however only a few have in pink which is a shame. (more…)


Best Triple Jogging Stroller Reviews and Ratings

Being a mom of multiple small kids is not easy to say the least, but try getting out and about with triplets or 3 little ones who can’t really walk at your pace and you are bound to stay at home and not leave your four walls! Well we can’t let that happen to you, you will go crazy.

You need to get out and go for a walk or  a jog, it will be good for both you and your kids! So there are triple jogging strollers on the market. Granted there aren’t many, but there are a few that can do the job quite nicely.

You have the option of a side by side, three in a row triple jogging stroller which has the advantage of no one kicking anyone in the back however you should check that you will be able to get the triple jogging stroller through the doorway or through the elevator door! (more…)


Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review and Sale

 With much anticipation, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 was released by Baby Jogger in March 2013 and in only a very short period of time its becoming a serious competitor to the Bob Jogging Stroller, who today holds the title of being the best jogging stroller on the market. The Summit X3 has a new design and updated features. Let’s take a closer a look at what people are saying about the X3 and why the Bob Revolution SE Jogging stroller could be facing some stiff competition.


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