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Jogger Stroller – The Who, Why and What of the Jogging Stroller

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Jogger Strollerjogger stroller

The jogger stroller or the jogging stroller has become the real trendy stroller in the past few months. With more people getting active and especially for moms who want to get back to their pre pregnant look, the jogger stroller offers something that previously you could not get. Kind of like have your cake and eat it too! The jogging stroller allows Mom (or dad) to be able to get exercise and still have baby with them securely and safely. As a result of the jogging stroller becoming such a popular trend, naturally there will be quite a few jogger strollers on the market to choose from. With so much out there it’s hard to know what is the best jogging stroller and more importantly what is the best jogging stroller for you? Let’s look at what features a jogger stroller should have so that it would be the best jogging stroller.

Baby jogging strollers are designed for speed, mobility and easy maneuverability. It’s a win win situation. Baby gets out in the open and sees the world at a high speed so to say and Mom or Dad or both get a great cardio workout! You just don’t get better than that.


Jogging strollers are designed so that you will have an easier push up and down hills which is where the cardio workout really takes effect. The more advanced the jogging stroller is the more the stroller is designed to help give more mobility and maneuverability.  This enables the parent to not have to stop for any hurdles along the way except of course to calm a crying baby.

Jogger strollers today are not just about the wheels, they are a stroller through and through and can be used for everyday purposes as well, therefore the jogging stroller has all the amenities of a regular stroller.

The Canopybest jogging strollers

As with any stroller the canopy needs to be large enough to protect the baby from the elements, especially the sun, without hampering the baby from being able to look out at the world.


Baby needs to be comfortable in the stroller. If baby is comfortable they will easily be lulled to sleep while on the run.

Protective Cover

When jogging or running or even walking the weather can change really quickly. The stroller should have a protective cover to shield baby from wind and rain.

Storage Compartments

Anyone who is exercising needs water, even more so when you have a baby with you. The jogging stroller needs to have sufficient storage space for water bottles for parents and baby.  Not to mention a few toys, diapers, wipes and more. Also if you want to go to the store you need space to put you purchases.

Main Features to look for when buying a Jogger stroller

Thanks to modern technology, jogging strollers now come with state of the art shock absorbing and braking systems along with bicycle wheels all help to enhance the stability and the comfort of the stroller for baby. Not only do you need to pay attention to how the ride feels for you but also for baby.

The jogging stroller should have the following:

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Front wheels should be able to lock giving more stability and tracking when running or when the terrain gets rough.
  • Front wheels need to be able to swivel- this makes moving around corners much more easy especially when shopping.
  • Easy to fold
  • Seat should be able to recline so that baby can sleep comfortably
  • Canopy have multiple positions to allow for sitting or reclining and still be able to protect the baby from the elements
  • Rear wheels should be sturdy and wide

What are the top rated Jogging strollers?

1. Bob Revolution SEjogging stroller

2. Baby Jogger Summit X3

3. Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller

All three of these jogger strollers have the above requirements and are good, stable, reliable, easy to maneuver jogging strollers.


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