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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review and Sale

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Last modified:November 20, 2019


Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review

Welcome to the Baby Jogger Summit X3 review. In this review we will take a look at the Baby Jogger Summit X3 whic was released by Baby Jogger in March 2013. In a very short period of time it becomea serious competitor to the Bob Jogging Stroller, who today holds the title of being the best jogging stroller on the market. The Summit X3 has a new design and updated features. Let’s take a closer a look at what people are saying about the X3 and why the Bob Revolution SE Jogging stroller is facing some stiff competition.


What Are The Features?

Baby jogger summitOne of the main issues with jogging strollers is that they are big and bulky. The Baby Jogger Summit has solved this issue. Not only is it a jogging stroller with all the bells and whistles but it also has a narrow profile, narrower by 1.5″ from the previous models, making the Jogging stroller a stroller for everyday use as well.

The Baby Jogger Summit x3 has an almost flat recline and along with the multi-model infant seat adapter bar and compact pram, (these are sold separately), these enable the stroller to be suitable for a baby from birth.

The Wheels

The wheels on any stroller are an important feature but when dealing with a jogging stroller it’s of the utmost importance. They need to be able to go over terrain and have good suspension so that while on the run baby will be comfortable and enjoy the ride. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 has 16″ tires in the back and 12″ tires in the front with front quick release pneumatic wheels with sealed ball bearings. All three wheels have independent suspension this adds to making this stroller an easy push. It’s also easy to align the wheels.

The 2016 Summit X3 model allows you to easily switch the front wheel from swivel to stationary with a lever on the side of the handlebar. You no longer have to stop your jog to change the front wheel position.

Another nice feature is the hand break. You can operate the rear drum brakes from the handle bar, this helps to increase your control of the stroller on hilly terrain.

This jogging stroller has now been tested and the verdict is out that it also rides great in the snow!

The Fold

Everyone wants a stroller that can easily fold, especially when you’re in a hurry. The X3 has a patented Quick_Fold technology that allows you to fold the stroller in one easy and simple step, with one hand only!

The Canopy

The Baby Jogger Summit 2013 sports a large canopy to protect baby from the elements and 2 peek a boo windows and side ventilation panels which provides extra ventilation on those hot days. The canopy also has multi positions and flaps allowing you decide how much to open or close depending on the sun’s direction and more..

The Seat

summit x3
Summit X3

The seat is padded and can recline to an almost flat position, which makes this jogging stroller accessible for newborns and infants.

It also has a vented seat recline with a removable weather cover.

There is a small seat back storage compartment and a larger storage basket under the stroller.

The seat is wider and higher than other jogging strollers making this stroller a good choice for taller parents and taller kids, and it has a bigger footwell.

It can hold up to 75lbs.

There is a 5 point harness with shoulder pads to keep baby safe.

Other Features

  •  40″ contoured Ergonomic handle bar with wipe clean grip
  •  The stroller weight 29 lbs which is not light but for a jogging stroller its not heavy
  •  It has universal connectors allowing it to be compatible with all the Baby Jogger accessories, belly bar, car seat adaptors and more
  •  Parking brake easily operated by your foot
  •  The stroller comes in 3 colors, red, green and black
  •  Storage strap to keep stroller closed when folded

Summit X3 Accessories

Here is a list of the added accessories that can be added to your Summit X3 stroller

Rain canopy – Secure fit and made with Non toxic material

Adjustable Belly Bar – Easy to adjust as your child gets bigger, soft and padded.

Car Seat Adaptor– The Summit X3 is compatible with the Britax B Safe, Chicco Keyfit 30

Baby Jogger Summit X3 reviews

What are people who have bought the Summit X3 have to say about it.

To start off I must say that not often is it that when you look at reviews that everyone who has reviewed the product gives it 5 stars as is the case here. Check out what some reviewers have to say:

Jbren in her review of the Baby Jogger X3 says:” live on a street with very bumpy sidewalks and this goes over them like they don’t exist, such a smooth ride!” 

Chrystin says:”It is lightweight and very maneuverable. I love that the handle is grippy but can be wiped clean from my sweaty run. It folds so nicely and easily. The wheel lock mechanism is fantastic and I don’t have to bend over the front wheel to do it!” 

Fitmama states in her review:”I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. The stroller has now become my primary stroller. Although it is rather large. I love the ease of it. It moves on a dime! I have used it pretty much everywhere. I even used it on sand.” 

The Verdict

From the above review you can see that the Summit X3 is going to be the Bob Revolution SE’s major competitor. People have already come out with statements that the Baby Jogger is easier to maneuver than the Bob and the ability to switch the wheel swivel mode from next to the handle bar is a huge plus for the X3. The other advantage that it does have over the Bob is that its very easy to fold and is narrower.

Well only time will tell as the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is a new jogging stroller on the market. It sure will be interesting to see which people prefer.


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