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Best Triple Jogging Stroller Reviews and Ratings

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Last modified:November 24, 2019


Triple jogging strollers are big yet they get the job done. They are easy to manuver and have enough pockets and storage space for all your needs - with multiple kids you need a lot. Easy to fold, but heavy and big.

Best Triple Jogging Stroller Review

Being a mom of multiple small kids is not easy to say the least, but try getting out and about with triplets or 3 little ones who can’t really walk at your pace and you are bound to stay at home and not leave your four walls! Well we can’t let that happen to you, you will go crazy.

You need to get out and go for a walk or  a jog, it will be good for both you and your kids! So there are triple jogging strollers on the market. Granted there aren’t many, but there are a few that can do the job quite nicely.

You have the option of a side by side, three in a row triple jogging stroller which has the advantage of no one kicking anyone in the back however you should check that you will be able to get the triple jogging stroller through the doorway or through the elevator door!

Your other option is to go with a tandem triple jogging stroller.This usually has one in the front and two behind in a double, but here you risk kid or baby in the front being kicked by the the back two.

Everything has its pro’s and con’s!

Here are the 3 Best Triple Jogging Stroller that I found that have real reviews as well.

Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy – Free Matching Carry Bag

This triple jogging stroller comes with three seats next to each other. Its a large stroller but that will be the case with any multiple stroller.

triple jogging stroller reviews

  • Assembly is easy.
  • Easy to manuever
  • Although its large its easy to fold and can fit into your trunk of your car.
  • Has a large canopy
  • Each seat can recline by itself or together
  • Good breaking system
  • Front rubber bumper
  • Large storage basket ( you’ll need this with multiple kids!)
  • Lightweight Aluminum alloy frame
  • pneumatic tires 16″back tires
  • Front wheels are lockable or can move 360 degrees

What Real People Have To Say

n.caligirl83 says in her review:”Best stroller 4 your money. SUPER EASY TO ASSEMBLE. everything clicked into place. Never even had to read directions. Rides like a dream.

Bebelove Triple Jogging Stroller

The Bebelove stroller comes in 3 great colors, blue, pink and green. bebelove jogging stroller

This triple jogging stroller is also a side by side stroller and has a nifty single storage basket for each seat. It comes with 3 of almost everything. 3 storage baskets,3 backseat pockets and 6 side pockets so you most definately have enough storage space for all your things.

  • One canopy with 3 peekaboo windows, the canopy has a tendancy to fly open in the wind.
  • Each seat comes with the 5 point harness
  • Tires are air fixed and note do not pivot. They are able to removed in order to fold up and fit into a SUV car however if you have a bigger car then there is no need to remove them.
  • Wheels can lock on the back and can be locked with the hand break.
  • Comes with both hand and foot breaks
  • Take note: this is a large, heavy jogging stroller and when its open is bigger than your average door frame.
  • Easy to put together.  triple jogging stroller
  • Seats are not very wide, great for small kids.

One reviewer said “This triple stroller is a good product for the price..” Read full review here.

Triplets Jogging Stroller

This jogging stroller is one where you have one kid in the front and two in the back.

  • Folds easily  triple jogging stroller reviews 2014
  • two back seats have reclining positions
  • All seats come with a 5 point harness and an arm bar
  • Wheels: Front wheels swivel 360 degrees, have a quick release feature and are lockable. They are 10″ x two pieces and are pneumatic wheels
  • Back wheels:12″ x 2pcs with suspension
  • Front rubber bumper
  • Its lightweight, made from aluminum and steel frame
  • Fabric is strong 600d polyester.
  • Front foot rest for all 3 children
  • Comes with these great triple jogging stroller accessories; Rain Shield and a free matching carry bag which is really nice.

Sum Up

Dealing with multiple small children whether it be to go shopping or go for a jog or a run or just a walk in the park, you need to have the stroller that will best suit you. Personally I like the jogging stroller as it has the big wheels and when you are pushing so much weight you need all the help you can get. If you are using the stroller as a running stroller then you want one that moves well on all surfaces and turns easily. The above three triple jogging strollers are the ones that I would choose.

Update: If you are looking for a triple jogging stroller you are going to have a very hard time finding one. It seems like the manufactures have stopped making them. The best option I found is this stroller – but it’s not a jogging stroller yet it is a great stroller for what you need.


Triple jogging strollers are big yet they get the job done. They are easy to manuver and have enough pockets and storage space for all your needs - with multiple kids you need a lot. Easy to fold, but heavy and big.