5 Best Jogging Stroller Reviews

5 Top Rated Running Stroller Reviews for 2014-2015



 I think that when one thinks of a running stroller your mind immediately goes to the infamous Bob Revolution SE. I guess this is the jogger stroller that has set the high standards of jogging strollers. However, some people seem to be stuck in the notion that the BOB still is the best jogging stroller on the market. I beg to differ. With so many running strollers now on the market I feel that the Bob Revolution although an amazing stroller hasn’t kept up with the technological advances and hasn’t come out with a new model in a while, whilst other companies are out there making some dramatic improvements to their designs.

Don’t get me wrong. The Bob Revolution SE is an amazing jogger stroller, however it is not the only one in town. Here are the 5 top rated jogger strollers on the market. To get to the selection I looked at a few determining qualities. (more…)

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