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Best Jogging Stroller-Bob Revolution SE vs Baby Jogger Summit X3

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Best Jogging Stroller

Until March 2013 The Bob Revolution SE jogging stroller was hands down the best jogging stroller on the market.  If you could afford it then everyone would tell you that that was the jogging stroller to get. However, in March 2013 the picture changed and suddenly with the release of the Baby Jogger Summit X3, the Bob actually has some serious competition. Let’s take a closer look at these two jogging strollers and see which one is the best jogging stroller.

Bob Revolution SE Review best jogging stroller

  • The BOB Revolution SE weighs 25 lbs and is suitable for baby from 8 weeks – 8 months old for walking and from 8 months to 5 years old to 70 lbs for jogging or off road use.
  • The strength of this jogger stroller is its stability. This stroller has great stability while jogging and off the road walking.
  • Fantastic suspension system, it’s two position shock absorbers offers a smooth ride even when going over uneven sidewalks, rocks or branches.
  • 5 point harness
  • Easy to fold and unfold. The stroller frame is made from aluminum and folds compactly.
  • Fabric of the stroller is of high quality, it is washable and stain resistant. It also comes is in a variety of colors.
  • There is a decent sized storage basket under the stroller as well as 2 interior pockets and an added flat pocket storage on the back of the stroller where you can put baby wipes, money, car keys, mobile phone.
  • The seat reclines to 70 degrees.
  • Canopy has a peek a boo window to view your baby and is large enough to protect from the elements, but some people do feel that it’s not big enough.
  • Rear-wheel brake system can easily be engaged by your foot.
  • Front wheel swivels fully for quick and easy maneuvering, can lock for jogging or running and can easily be unlocked in seconds.
  • Wheels are removable.
  • Padded handle bar.
  • The Bob stroller can be used with other baby car seats with the use of the accessory adapter.
  •  Well written instruction manual that explains everything very clearly.
  •  The Bob has a 5 year warranty on frame and a 1 year warranty on small parts and fabric.

The Bob Revolution SE is a jogging stroller that has won the hearts of many a jogger and is one of the top rated jogging strollers on the market. You will not be sorry if you choose the Bob Revolution SE stroller.

 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Reviewbest jogging stroller

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is the updated and new design of the Baby Jogger Summit XC. The Summit X3 arrived in the stores in March 2013 and from the beginning the reviews have been awesome.

  • Jogging strollers are known to be on the big and bulky side, however the Baby Jogger Summit X3 has a narrower profile than it’s predecessor and is narrower by 1.5”making this jogging stroller a great option for a regular stroller as well.
  • Unlike the Bob Revolution SE it has an almost flat recline.
  • With the use of the multi –model infant seat adapter bar and compact pram (sold separately) the Summit is suitable from a newborn to 5 year old or 75 lbs!
  • The Summit X3 has 16″ wheels in the back and 12″ wheel in the front with front quick release pneumatic wheels with sealed ball bearings. All three wheels have independent suspension adding to the easy push. It’s also easy to align the wheels.
  • The Summit X3, jogging stroller allows you to switch the front wheel from swivel to stationary and back with the flip of a lever located on the side of the handlebar.  This is a great improvement in the jogger stroller as you don’t have to stop your jog or walk in the middle in order to change the wheel position.
  • The rear drum brakes can be operated from the handle bar with the hand brake, helping to increase your control of the stroller on rough terrain.
  • The Baby Jogger Summit X3 comes with the patented Quick_Fold technology. This technology allows the stroller to fold in an easily with one step and with one hand only!
  • Just like the Bob Revolution SE the Summit X3 has a large canopy with the addition of 2 peek a boo windows and side ventilation panels that allows for extra ventilation on those hot days. The canopy also has multi positions.
  • The seat reclines to an almost flat position and is very nicely padded.
  • The seat is wider and higher than other jogging strollers making it a great choice for tall parents
  • It has a vented seat recline with removable weather cover.
  • Small seat back storage compartment and a larger storage basket under the stroller.
  • 5 point harness with shoulder pads to keep baby safe.
  • 40″ contoured Ergonomic handle bar with wipe clean grip
  • The stroller weights 29 lbs, not very light but for a jogging stroller it’s not heavy
  • The universal connectors allows it to be compatible with all the Baby Jogger accessories, belly bar, car seat adaptors and more
  • Parking brake easily operated by your foot

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 offers a lot and has a few more features than the Bob Revolution SE like the almost flat recline and the ability to change the swivel on the front wheel from the handle bar. People have also noted that is a smoother ride than the Bob.

I’m inclined to say that the Baby Jogger Summit x3 is the best jogging stroller on the market, but I guess only time will tell if I’m right.

Summit X3 Easy Fold

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Want the best jogging stroller on the market? Get all the details of the top 2 jogging strollers here