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Black and White Baby Bedding

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Black and White Crib Bedding black and white baby bedding sets

Decorating the nursery is real exciting and making your baby’s room in the traditional blue for boy or pink for girl is great but recently I was browsing around and came across the idea of black and white baby bedding sets. Wow, they are gorgeous! Stylish, modern and unisex.

I know you wouldn’t traditionally think about decorating the nursery in black and white but when you add a dash of hot pink or red you create a scene that is just WOW!

Black and white baby bedding sets lend themselves to go with any theme you would like. They match any animal theme or clown or whatever your heart desires, but just putting the black and white baby bedding on the crib will transform your nursery into something so stylish that you will totally surprise yourself.

When choosing your black and white baby bedding look out for the following:

  • Quality of fabric – 100% cotton?
  • Does it wash well?
  • Will the colors fade?

Here are a few black and white bedding sets that I find particularly nice.

 Black and White Crib Bedding Set

black and white bedding

This beautiful 10 piece unisex black and white baby bedding set is 100% cotton and 100% polyester filling for the comforter and bumber bed.

It is elegant and timeless and with no doubt will make your nursery very sophisticated.

This high quality set pays much attention to detail and can be machine washed.

This set includes the following:

Bumper pad,  reversible Comforter, one side with black/white dots and other side has cordinating pin stripes in black/white. Crib fitted sheet, Dust ruffle, Diaper Stacker, Valance, Musical Mobile, and 3 piece Wall Hanging Set.

This is an awesome set although some people have mentioned that the black is not very black more like charcoal. 

Get This Set Here


 Black and White Animal Crib Set

black and white crib bedding

This black and white bedding crib set is going to delight you. The added dash of yellow makes it perfect for both boys and girls. In my opinion the yellow really adds to the animal theme.

It’s a 3 piece crib set which comes with one quilt, 100% cotton fitted crib sheet and one crib skirt. The quilt has an animal patchwork theme and an embroided border. It is made excellently.

This set is sold completely and cannot be seperated although you can add to it. Personally I think it’s a lively, beautiful crib set.



Fox Black And White Baby Bedding Set

baby bedding set

If you are looking for the whole black and white bedding set then you should be on the look out for the 9 or 10 piece sets. This fox themed crib set I really like. It is black and white set that is combined with grey but it works great.

The set is made from brushed microfiber and is machine washable. It also comes with added accessories that you can purchase seperately so your nursery will be gorgeous and everything with be matching. This complete set comes with the following:

  • Crib Blanket: 45 in. x 36 in.
  • Bumper: (2) Short Sides: 27 in. x 10 in. and (2) Long Sides: 52 in. x 10 in.
  • Crib Skirt: 52 in. x 28 in. x 15 in.
  • Drop, Fitted Crib Sheet: 52 in. x 28 in. x 8 in. pocket,
  • Valances: 15 in. x 54in. each; fits standard rods up to .75 inches in diameter,
  • Diaper Stacker: 15 in. x 20 in. x 6 in
  • Toy bag: 24 in. x 13 in
  • Pillow: 6 in. x 14 in.


SInce I discovered the concept of decorating the nursery in black and white I’m in love. Personally I love the added touch of hot pink, blue or yellow. Just spices it all about a bit more. You really can got to town with adding matching curtains, garbage bins and so much more. Have fun with it and let your creativity come out. Click the button below to see all the great options you have to choose from.