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Best Jogging Stroller Under $200

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Believe it or not there are some really good jogging strollers on the market that won’t cost you over $200! Jogging strollers that many compare with the likes of the Bob Revolution SE and in some opinions even trumps it. Expensive does not always mean better.

So if you are in the market for a jogging stroller and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is out of your budget then why not take a look at one of these amazing jogging stroller under $200.

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Jogging Stroller with Locking Front Wheel

jogging stroller with front wheel lock

The Schwinn Turismo even at its low price of under $200 made my cut for the 5 best jogging strollers. People who have purchased it have compared it to the Bob Revolution SE and in some cases actually preferred it. The Turismo manages beautifully on all terrains.

The Wheels

It comes with the same wheel size as the more expensive running strollers, 16 ” pneumatic rear tires and 12″ in the front. The front wheel is lockable and the wheels can come off which makes it smaller to fit into the trunk of most cars. The wheels are air filled so will need to be inflated from time to time.


The Schwinn Turismo jogging stroller is easy to fold. It uses a dual trigger folding system which makes folding the stroller really easy. It also comes with a locker to hold the stroller in position once closed. It also comes with a hajogging stroller under $200.ndy carry handle.


Easy to assemble.

The Canopy

The canopy is large and can be adjusted to 5 different positions.

Car Seat

This jogging stroller is compatible with most car seats making it suitable for infants as well. (Although jogging with a newborn is not recommended.)

The handle bar

The handle bar is adjustable and made from rubber making it slip resistant, important when jogging and your hands get all sweaty.


This jogging stroller reclines to almost a flat position which is great for babies, and makes them more comfortable.


The Turismo is made from aluminum and is concidered to be lightweight for a jogging stroller although some people have found it to be bulky. It is a jogging stroller, they are all big.


Comes with a decent sized under seat storage basket. Some users found that it lacked the additional side pockets, others felt this was not an issue as the storage basket is a good size and it does come with a tray and 2 cup holders


It comes with a MP3 speaker, which is nice. not amazing sound though but a great add on.

In the later models the front wheel can be locked from a side lever near the handle bar which is a huge advantage and many of the more expensive jogging strollers do not have this addition with the exception of the Baby Jogger Summit X3.

It also comes with 2 cup holders and a foldable baby tray.

Suitable for infant up to 50lbs

schwinn turismo jogging stroller

This is also available from but it is $20 more expensive.

 Graco Modes Jogging Stroller

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Don’t let the price of under $200 fool you into thinking that this is not a quality jogging stroller as it is. With many features similar to the more expensive jogging strollers the Graco Roadmaster is a great jogging stroller for someone on a budget or for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable spending more than $200 on a jogging stroller.

Foldjogging stroller under $200.

One of the main features that stands out with this jogger stroller is the ease that it can fold and unfold. There is a good reason why it was called fastaction. With one step and a quick solid jerk you will have your stroller neatly folded up with a kick stand to keep it in place. It also comes with a carry strap for easy carrying.


The basket underneith the stroller has ample space to store all your neccessary goodies and more. It also comes with a removable snack tray, 2 cup holders and a very handy smartphone holder.

Wrist Strap Safety

This is a feature that you do not see in many jogging strollers, but actually should be is the stafety strap that attaches to your wrist. This provides you with that extra level of safety in the off chance that you should fall, or loose your grip on the stroller for whatever reason, the safety strap will not allow the stroller to get away from you keeping baby near you at all times(even if its a bit awkward.)

best jogging stroller under $200

Car Seat 

The Graco FastAction Jogging stroller come with the Click Connect Technology which allows any infant carrier that has this technology to easily connect to it.


It comes with air filled tires and a front wheel that locks for jogging (not from the handlebar)


The canopy is large and provides good protection for your baby.


Reclines to 3 positions and to almost flat position.

Suitable for newborn till 50lbs

graco fast action jogging stroller

Jeep Overland Jogging Stroller

best jogging stroller under $200

The Jeep Overland Limited Jogging stroller comes with all the bells and whistles of a jogging stroller.


5 positions


The tires are air filled 16″ both front and rear. If you are looking for a jogging stroller that will manage well in sand then you would need one that has a 12″ front wheel. The front wheel is fixed for jogging or running which is good but doesn’t have the swivel wheel option. The wheels are removable if you need to get it into a tight places like a smaller car. It does not have shock absorbers, although the large wheels to make for a smoothe ride it is something to note.


Easy to fold and once folded can be stored standing upright. A nice feature is that when it is folded it can also be rolled.

Handle bar 

Adjustable handle bar and a super grip which does not allow for jogging stroller under $200

Suitable from birth to 45lbs


Large storage basket

Removable child tray with 2 cup holders


The canopy is a decent size and adjustable and can be unzipped however it cannot reach the child tray.

Special Features

Music in the parent tray. iBaby sound system allows you to plug in your ipod, mp3 playeror iphone and listen to your favorite tunes while on your walk or run and baby gets to listen too! This is a nice additive and allows you and baby to listen to the samae music and you can listen out for traffic however do not expect amazing sound.

Hand break and safety tether.

speed and distance odometer really nice for the serious jogger in you.

It is not compatible with infant car seats.

Jeep Overland Limited jogging stroller

The Verdict

To sum up, all 3 jogging strollers will give you a great experience. In my opinion I’d go for either the Graco or the Schwinn. I like the option of a swivel front wheel and this is not an option with the Jeep. Check out the prices and find the one that best fits your budget.