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Uppababy Vista Stroller – Review and Sale

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Review of: Uppababy Vista

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Last modified:November 24, 2019


Uppababy Vista stroller comes with a bassinet and is a stroller which grows with your baby from infant to toddler

Uppababy Vista stroller

As the years go by the Uppababy Vista stroller continues to gain in popularity. A trendy, lightweight stroller which also comes with a bassinet is becoming a much sought after stroller. Uppababy is an American company whose mission is to provide strollers for today’s parents, making lightweight strollers that are easy to push and fold.

The Uppa baby Vista stroller can be used from newborn to toddler (50lbs). It has an adaptor which allows for your Uppa Baby vista to attach the infant car seat to it. The Vista can be attached to any of the following name brand infant car seats Graco®, Chicco®, Peg Perego® or Maxi-Cosi® as well as the Mesa infant car seat by Uppababy


 The Seat

The Uppa baby Vista comes with a seat that has four reclining positions from fully upright to 180 degrees and can be adjusted with just one hand. The height of the seat can also be adjusted. The fabric of the seat is 100% nylon and is washable and removable.
The seat is reversible. For a newborn or young infant the seat can rear face, facing the parent and once baby gets old and the world is more interesting then you can forward face the seat.

The Bassinet uppababy vista bassinet stand

It comes with a bassinet which is always handy. The bassinet can double up as a bed for the baby when travelling or even  at home! The great part about the bassinet is that baby gets to sleep, lie at a full 180 degrees.  The bassinet canopy and mattress pad are aerated with vented base allowing for more breathability. There is also an Uppababy Vista bassinet stand which you can purchase separately to rest the basinette on if you are at home and haven’t attached it to the stroller or alternatively want to use it as baby’s bed for the first few months.

The Canopy

One feature which everyone notes on a stroller is it’s canopy. The canopy needs to be large enough to provide shade from the sun and shield baby from the wind. The Uppababy Vista stroller has a canopy that has SPF 50 and is large enough to protect baby from the elements. Along with the canopy comes a weather shield that connects to the canopy with a zipper and also has a useful mesh bug shield.

The Basket

Not only is the size of the canopy important but also the size of the basket underneath the stroller. The Uppa vista stroller comes equipped with a sizable, large basket which can easily fit a fully equipped diaper bag and still have some space over to fit in other things. It also comes with a very handy cell phone pocket.

The Folduppababy vista stroller reviews

The ease of which a stroller can fold can make or break whether or not to buy it. Now the Uppababy Vista stroller does fold easily although it does require a bit of practice to master it. Once you’ve learnt how to fold it, it’s a snap. A nice feature here is that the Vista can be folded with or without the seat attached and can stand when folded.

The Wheels

The wheels on any stroller are important. The wheels are made from foam core rubber, meaning you will never have that dreaded moment of finding out that you have a flat tire or need to pump up a wheel. The wheels have four shock absorbing suspension and it breaks easily and handles incredibly well over ice and snow!

The Handles

The Vista baby stroller comes with telescoping handles making this a good choice for tall people, a “no kick” rear axle that allows you to push your stroller without having to kick the back of the stroller.

Other Features

• The attachment indicators are in green and red and this is another useful feature as it will show you if you have installed the seat or the bassinet correctly.
• Another money saver feature is the ability to change the Uppa baby Vista into a double stroller.
• The Uppa baby Vista stroller comes in a variety of colors Jake (black), Denny (red) and cole slate, Carlin (green), Mica (silver),Lindsey ( beige) and more.
• The Vista comes with the following: bassinet, bassinet bug shield, bassinet storage bag, toddler seat and rain and bug shield.

Uppababy Vista Accessories

The Uppababy Vista Accessories are add-ons that can make this great stroller even better depending on what your needs are. Here are a few ideas of what can be added on: rumble seat

Rumble Seat

Snack Tray

Parent Organizer



All of the above Uppababy Vista accessories can be purchased online via with a full guarentee and free shipping

Great Uppababy Vista Stroller Review

The Verdict

The Uppababy Vista stroller is a dependable, stable and secure stroller. It’s not the ideal stroller for the subway as it’s a bit too bulky for public transport, for that maybe the Uppababy G-luxe would be the better option, but if you are looking for a stroller that grows with you from infant to toddler, is lightweight, can recline to 180 degrees, is good for tall people and has a bassinet and can attach to an infant car seat, well then you have found your stroller, the Uppababy Vista Stroller.


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Uppababy Vista stroller comes with a bassinet and is a stroller which grows with your baby from infant to toddler