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Best Diaper Bag – Is There A Best Diaper Bag?

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There is a huge selection of diaper bags on the market, here you get an understanding of what is out there and what is the best diaper bag for you.

Best Diaper Bag

Choosing the best diaper bag is no easy task! Have you noticed how many there are on the market? Its not so easy to choose your diaper bag anymore, there are so many different kinds, from bags made from pvc to leather, bags with insulation, with zippers and so much diaper bag

I feel your frustration and confusion on what you really need and I’ve narrowed it down to the following subcatagories, designer, backpack, cute and diaper bags for dadsThen there are the different styles namely; Messenger (reminiscent of the mail man’s bag) , Backpack( worn on your back like a backpack) and Stroller (can be hung on the handles of a stroller).

I know even that seems a lot but lets get into the list and clarify each one so that you can choose the best diaper bag for you!


Designer Diaper Bags

Like with everything else in this world when there is an item that can be worn it becomes a fashion statement and so too with diaper bags. Designer Diaper Bags are no exception they are designed by designers,   are stylish, fashionable bags that are practical and have all the pockets and space that a mom taking care of her baby will need. Some of the main designers are:

That is just to name a few. All of these designers have a great selection and each designer has a range of prices from cheap to expensive. I think that the main feature of the popular designer diaper bags is that they don’t look like a one.

All of them have different styles and features. Styles meaning messenger, stroller or backpack. Today diaper bags come with insulation pockets that keep the bottles warm or cool.

The designer Petunia Pickle Bottom has just released her latest diaper bag for the summer, for all the details click here

Backpack Diaper Bag
backpack diaper bag diaper bag backpack

These  are designed to be carried on your back. Many also come with long straps so that they can also be hung on the stroller. These backpacks come in many different shapes and styles and you can get a very stylish backpack diaper bag, but the one that I like best is the Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag.

For one it has a really clever design with a special outside pocket for wipes. Whoever designed this diaper bag was really thinking practicality! It’s the main feature that people love about this diaper bag. Besides that it has a special pocket that keeps diapers on the top of the bag – very handy you don’t need to go fishing through your bag looking for the diapers.

The main compartment is spacious and has a light color lining so its easy to find things. It has space for 2 bottles, comes with a changing mat and is made from washable and durable material so it should last for a long time.

One reveiwer stated that  they loved how accessible everything was. Amanda Pegasus in her review states “It is a ‘daddy’ backpack with lots of compartments to put diapers, wipes, ect. Best part is that it is simple, looks just like a backpack not a diaper bag!” Read more reviews here. The other thing that I particularly liked is the wide range of colors and designs making this diaper bag backpack suitable for both mom and dad!

Cute Diaper Bags best cute baby bags

Ok there is no denying that while some are looking for style and fashion, others are looking for practical and comfort, still others are looking for cute and adorable.

Needless to say these can also be found and there is quite a large selection for the cute diaper bags. These are the same as all the above with the exception of the style and fabric being cute or adorable. This doesn’t take away from the bag being practical or useful.

I really like the  Lesportsac Ryan Baby Diaper Bag. It’s not over the top cute, its by a top notch firm and has all the features that one needs. Its got a cute fabric design on the outside that is suitable for boy or girl and the fabric is made of nylon and has synthetic lining so its washable. The straps can be adjusted so it can be hung on your shoulder or on the stroller, it has many pockets both inside and out so you can be organised and it can stand on its own.

Jen F in her review says the following “Not only is the bag adorable, it works for both a boy or girl baby AND it is very functional! I can fit everything I need into this bag, including extra diapers, wipes, burp cloths, extra outfits, bottles/formula, and my Moby Wrap (which takes up a ton of space).” Read more here .

An important feature – ensure that your bag can stand alone, its very frustrating to have a diaper bag fall over and have all its contents fall out!

Diaper Bags for Dads diaper bags for dads

Today dad plays a big role in rearing baby and he doesn’t neccessarily feel the most comfortable sporting a diaper bag that is highly fashionable. Dads want one that looks masculine and trendy. I really like the Lillian Rose 24DB472 Daddy Builder Diaper Bag. It’s what dad is looking for; trendy, masculine and cute. It is made from fake suede and has 7 outside pockets which makes being organized and having everything at your finger tips really great. The little tag on it just sums it all up!

Alejandro in his review of this diaper bag for dads say:”best thing about this diaper is that it is very simple and easy access to what you load. helped me a lot” Read more reviews

As there are so many catagories there isn’t one best diaper bag, but within each catagory there is one that I really liked. Are they the best diaper bags on the market? Well you’ll have to be the judge of that!  You may also want to check out the diaper bag checklist.


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There is a huge selection of diaper bags on the market, here you get an understanding of what is out there and what is the best diaper bag for you.