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First Years Stroller – Top 3 First Years Strollers

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Affordable umbrella stroller:

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Last modified:November 25, 2019


First Years Stroller is a great option if you are looking for a cheap, affordable stroller that is sturdy, lightweight and easy to fold.

First Years Stroller

If you are looking for a good, stable affordable stroller then you don’t need to look further than the First Years Stroller by Tomy With hundreds of raving reviews this cheap stroller will do the job. If you’re looking for a stroller that will see you through your three or four kids than this is probably not the stroller for you, but if you want a compact stroller that folds easily, that is comfortable for baby and that is easy on the wallet then one of the First Years Strollers should find your fancy. In this review I will be looking at the different kinds of First Years Stroller and where you can get the best price for them.


The First Years Ignite Stroller the first years stroller

    • The Ignite stroller is suited for a baby that is already sitting up unassisted till 50lbs
    • It has a wider seat making it more comfortable for baby and is nicely padded compared to other cheap umbrella strollers.
    • It has a 5 point harness to keep baby safe and doesn’t allow him/ her to play with the wheels. Also the harness can be adjusted to different heights
    • Although the manufactures say that the canopy is adjustable in reality adjustable here means open or closed. 
    • Decent sized storage basket, best to hang the diaper bag over the handles and not place it in the storage basket
    • Has a foot rest (not adjustable)
    • Has a parent tray
    • Tall handles, good for tall people, don’t walk into the back of the stroller.
    • Lightweight stroller
    • Compact stroller
    • Easy to fold with one hand
    • Has side pockets which can hold a bottle, mobile phone, a few small toys
    • Has a cup holder
    • Reclining seat, however it doesn’t recline far down, just enough for baby to sleep comfortably.
    • Maneuvers well over grass and gravel
    • Front wheels lock
    • Wheels 6″ on all eight wheels
    • weights 14 lbs
    • Easy to travel with on a plane


The First Years Jet Strollerfirst years stroller

      • The First Years Jet stroller is suitable from 6 months to 50 lbs
      • Has tall handles – suitable for tall parents
      • Stroller reclines – although it does not recline flat
      • Handles well over grass and gravel
      • 5 point harness to keep baby safe and secure
      • 4 wheels 
      • Folds easily with one hand
      • Weights only 11 lbs
      • Comes with very useful parent tray
      • compact stroller
      • The canopy is not very big, but that can be sorted out with a Summer Infant’s RayShade (sold seperately)
      • Has a cup holder
      • Has side pouches to fit your keys, wallet, bottle inside
      • Storage basket underneith the stroller – not very accessible
      • Easy to travel with eg on a plane


The Ignite stroller reclines more than the Jet, Ignite 5″ recline and the Jet 2″ recline. People have stated that with the Ignite they didn’t walk into the back of the stroller however with the Jet it was an issue with some. The Ignite is also more padded than the Jet. The Ignite is slightly more expensive than the Jet.

Overall both the First Years Stroller, the First Years Ignite and the First Years Jet are great, sturdy affordable strollers. If you have the few extra bucks I’d suggest you go with the First Years Ignite as it has a few more features than the Jet


The First Years Indigo Stroller 

The First Years Indigo stroller is not an umbrella stroller but a stroller that can be used for a newborn up to toddler. Here are all the details.

The first years Indigo stroller

      • The First years Indigo stroller as opposed to the Ignite and the Jet is a stroller that is suitable from 5lbs to 50lbs
      • Can be rear facing or forward facing and has an easy to release system to change them around
      • 5 point harness
      • Tall handle height – making this a great stroller for tall people.
      • Can be attached via the universal attatchment with most infant car seats
      • Can easily fold with one hand irrespective if the seat is attached or not
      • Adjustable foot rest
      • Canopy is adjustable and removeable
      • Large parent console to store your bottle, keys, wallet etc
      • Underneith storage basket is large enough to fit a diaper bag and more
      • Rear wheel breaks
      • Weights 22 lbs
      • Large wheels, manuvers easily
      • Narrow frame so it fits through most spaces
      • Seat has 3 positions bassinet, front facing, parent facing
      • Steers easily, even with one hand
      • Multiple recline positions

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First Years Stroller is a great option if you are looking for a cheap, affordable stroller that is sturdy, lightweight and easy to fold.