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Britax B Ready Travel System Review and Best Deal

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Britax B Ready Travel System

britax b ready travel system

Welcome to the Britax B Ready travel system review. There are a lot of pluses for buying a travel system. You have the perfect car seat for your stroller and you get it all together with no worries.

There are so many strollers out there it’s really not easy to make the right decision, but one of the things that I look at in a stroller (which is available today more than 10 years ago) is a stroller that can grow with you! Value for money!

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Today you don’t need to have a double stroller where both kids sit next to each other and you can barely fit through the door or elevator! Today you have options like the Britax B- Ready travel system or the Uppababy Vista to name a few.

These strollers have the ability to grow with your baby and family. From infancy with the bassinet attachment to being able to add a second seat for your older baby or even a stroller board for older kids.

Each stroller no matter what you buy will have it’s pro’s and con’s honestly I don’t believe that there is the perfect stroller out there. How can there be with so many different users and different opinions! But there are strollers out there that provide for almost every need and are worth checking out and that’s where the Britax B Ready travel system comes in.

Britax is a company that is well respected and has become synonymous with safety. The Britax B Ready travel system combines their two very popular products the Britax B Ready stroller and the Britax B Safe Infant car seat.  These two products work great together as well as separately. Britax uses their Click-N-Go adapter system which allows the infant seat to attach to the stroller, securely, easily and fast. There is no need for extra adapters.

B Ready stroller

B Ready stroller

The B Ready stroller is also compatible with other infant car seats when using the Britax Infant car seat adapter. It is compatible with the  Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, and Graco SnugRide.

One of the main features which totally impressed me with this system is that it comes with over 14 configurations! The system grows with your baby and family. From infancy using the bassinet to adding a second seat which now allows you to have a double stroller without the hassles of a side by side double stroller.

You can even have the baby in the bassinet and your older child in the seat attached. Personally I think that’s rather impressive. There are many combinations that you can use, however two children facing each other is not one of them. All the seats are easy to put on and take off the frame.

More Features

  • The stroller is very sturdy and well built. If the brake is on then an older child can climb into the second seat without it falling over.
  • The regular seat that comes with the B Ready stroller will accommodate even a 5 year old. The height and weight limits are quite high.
  • Peekaboo window has a magnetic closure which is very helpful if your baby is a light sleeper.
  • The storage basket is very large! Even with the second seat attached you can still easily get what you need in and out of the basket.
  • The 4 recline positions and 5 point harness adjustment are done with one hand. No more rethreading and no more straps to undo!
  • Both the normal seat and the second seat can recline at the same time.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Easy to maneuver; even with one hand and two children inside.
  • B Ready stroller comes with a belly bar and cup holder and the car seat comes with the adaptor.
  • Although this is a big stroller it still folds nicely and fits in the car and is easy to get it in and out of the car!
  • Easy to clean

Ok I know that I sound really excited about this seat and that it’s all amazing, but everything has its cons and so too with the Britax B Ready travel system.


  • It’s heavy and bulky as a double stroller. Most double strollers are heavy there is no way of getting around it. Two kids or baby and kid are heavy. Add that weight to the weight of the stroller and it will be heavy.
  • The fold looks easier than what it is. Practice does make perfect and with time this will become easier.
  • When folding the B Ready Stroller along with the second seat attached it doesn’t fold as compactly as you would want. The second seat seems to drag on the floor so you do need to watch out for this so that it doesn’t get too dirty.
  • Canopy is not adjustable
  • Tall people may find that they knock into the stroller when walking when the car seat is attached underneath.
  • The cup holder is not very useful.
  • When folded the lock doesn’t stay very well on the frame.

Although, I did point out some of the negative features I still believe that the positives most definitely outweigh the negatives.

B-Safe Infant Car Seat.

B Safe Car seatAs mentioned above the Britax B Ready travel system comes with the B-Safe infant car seat.

  • The B Safe comes with a tangle free 5 point harness, 4 harness heights and 2 buckle positions.
  • The base is adjustable to five positions so that you can find the right angle for your seat. It also comes with level indicators so that you will know when you have the right angle for your seat.
  • Weight limit up to 30 lbs
  • The B Safe is easily removed and replace in the base.
  • The handle has multiple positions making carrying the seat much easier and more comfortable
  • The inserts are easily pulled in and out for cleaning
  • Very well padded seat.

If you already have a Britax stroller then it makes perfect sense to add the BSafe car seat to it, however even if you don’t have one, with the car seat adapter it will fit into most strollers.

Customer Reviews

D Body in her review states:”this is all super easy, light and easy to reconfigure if necessary” Read more here

Teekayohh states:”It feels safe, and it looks good. It’s easy to adjust the straps, but a little hard to adjust the threads.”Read full review here.

Emily D says:”The price offered by Amazon was by far the best I’d found. However, the options for colors were this red one or a black one. ” Read more.

The Britax B Ready travel system can be purchased as such as a travel system or you can purchase the B Ready Stroller and the B Safe car seat separately. That strangely enough is the cheaper option!

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