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Why Should You Choose A Reclining Umbrella Stroller?

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Reclining Umbrella Stroller

Choosing a baby stroller can be quite a daunting experience, but here are 3 reasons why you should consider buying a reclining umbrella stroller.

1. Umbrella strollers in general are more lightweight than your regular stroller. This may not be a consideration when you are having your first child, but if you think about it; your baby is growing all the time and when you have to go up the stairs with baby and stroller the weight of the stroller suddenly does become an issue. When you have to fold the stroller to put in the trunk of the car and then unfold it when you get to the store or your destination, the weight of the stroller is an issue. Travelling on public transport, you need to be able to fold and carry your stroller quickly and easily and don’t forget you also have baby in your arms! You can find an umbrella stroller from 11lbs.

2. Umbrella strollers are usually easy to fold, with an easy one hand maneuver. They come in various shapes and sizes and vary in weight.

3. Umbrella strollers also come in a range of prices. You can go really cheap coming in at $39.99 all to way up to over $400.  Obviously the more expensive ones usually have more features to them one of them being the reclining feature in the umbrella stroller.


Why choose a reclining umbrella stroller?Reclining umbrella stroller

Ok so we have discussed the issue of weight of the stroller. Personally I look for a lightweight stroller that can fold easily and we have discussed this above.

So as the parent you now have a lightweight stroller that you can easily carry upstairs, fold into the trunk of the car and take on public transport, but that’s all great for mom and dad but what about baby?

When looking for a stroller your baby’s comfort is paramount. So if your baby falls asleep in an upright position, sleeping like that for the next hour or so while you’re doing your shopping can lead to quite a sore neck! (Even with baby being incredibly flexible)

With the reclining umbrella strollers when your baby falls asleep, you can just adjust the back of the stroller into a reclining position, allowing baby to feel more comfortable sleeping.

How much recline is good for baby?

Now I’m no doctor, but I am a mom of 4 kids and none of them slept in a 180 degree recline. I think the closer to 180 the better but 150 or 160 are also great. The main idea is that baby is not in an upright position where the head tilts forward. You want the head to be back, leaning on the back of the stroller. If baby has a cold, then the angle is amazing allowing baby to breathe better!

At what age is it appropriate to put a baby in an umbrella stroller?

Babies can go into an umbrella stroller from birth; you just have to find the appropriate one.  An umbrella stroller that a newborn can go in will most definitely have the reclining feature and one that reclines to almost 180 degrees.

The main advantages of an umbrella stroller from birth are that is designed to fold easily, is lightweight and has the reclining feature for baby. You also save a lot of money as you don’t need to purchase two strollers. One stroller purchase that is a little more expensive, but will see you through till baby is 3 years old.