Diono Radian RXT Review – Is the Radian RXT The Safest Convertible Car Seat?

Diono Radian RXT Review – Is the Radian RXT The Safest Convertible Car Seat?

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The Diono Radian RXT is a convertible car seat that is suitable from 5-120 pounds. It is made from steel alloy, not plastic making it heavier but safer. All in all with all the features this is a good buy.

Diono Radian RXT Review
Diono Radian RXT

If you’re having a hard time choosing your convertible car seat I don’t blame you…

With so many great options out there, you can honestly drive yourself crazy trying to pick the right one for your baby.

I hope to share some light on this topic and ease your decision process by pointing out the Diono Radian RXT convertible car seat. Below I will do my best to give you an honest Diono Radian RXT review hightlighting the good and the bad although I can already tell you that there is more good than bad.

The Diono Radian RXT has some great features which I will go into, but one of the features that I like most is that this is a convertible car seat that has the potential to grow with your child. It is suited for a newborn from 5- 45 pounds rear facing and from 20-80 pounds forward facing. But it doesn’t have to stop there; the Diono Radian RXT can also be converted to a booster car seat and then can go to 120 pounds. That’s what I call value for money.



Besides the value for the buck which is always great when looking for a great car seat I think that safety is paramount. It is made with a steel alloy frame instead of the regular plastic and reinforced sidewalls. This enhances its safety feature however it does come with the drawback of making the car seat heavier. For some this is not an issue for others it can be a big factor. If you don’t need to take the car seat anywhere or on the odd occasion need to take it out then this should not be an issue for you. If you do, then be aware that the Diono Radian RXT is heavier than others.

It has EPS foam surrounding the baby’s or child’s head as well as for the body thus providing complete side impact protection. The Radian has their “superlatch” system which allows for easy installation. You do not have to use the latch system, but it is advisable as not using it has been reported a bit tricky to install.

The Radian RXT convertible car seat has been NCAP tested and is the only one that can be used with the latch system for a child up to 80 pounds.


The Radian RXT is a well-built convertible car seat. The materials that have been used are of top quality. The clips are of good quality and the shoulder pads are well padded. It also comes with memory foam padding and infant support pillows.

The cover is removable (straps do need to be removed), machine washable and the fabric is easy to clean

Other Important Features

  • Easy to install using the latch system
  • One cup holder is provided and has the option of adding up to 4 cup holders. These can be removed and washed in the dishwasher when they get dirty. Note that these cup holders can easily be removed by a child.
  • Compact convertible car seat with a slim bottom makes it not a bulky chair.
  • Diono Radian RXT review
  • Support wings support your child’s head while sleeping
  • Has 5 shoulder and 3 buckle positions so that your baby or kid will always be comfortable
  • Expandable sides and longer seat bottom for leg support and comfort
  • 12 height positions for adjustable head support
  • Two recline positions in forward facing mode
  • Rubber bottom grips for no-slip installation and protects your car’s upholstery.
  • Weight and Height limits
  • Easy to carry as a backpack for travel and can fold flat for travel and storage
  • radian rxt reviewsThe Diono can be used for air travel and is FAA approved. It can be carried on your back as a backpack. When using it on an airplane it’s been suggested that you get 2 carry straps for the seat so that you can wear it as a backpack. This makes the weight easier to handle and keeps your hands free. When traveling, you can fold the bottom to make it flat.
  • It also comes with a convenient carry bag – sold seperately.

A reviewer suggested that when traveling with Radian RXT on the plane it’s a good idea to have rubber bands with you to roll up the extra strap length. The latch straps are very long and can get in the way when trying to install it on the plane.

Easy installation: if using the latch system. If you are not using the Latch system; the installation can be a bit tricky.

  • The Diono seat is narrow (it’s narrower than the Britax Frontier 85) so if you need to fit 3 kids in the back then this may be a consideration
  • The Diono Radian RXT has low sides – no more lifting kid high up and bumping their heads on the roof to get them into their seat! Also as the child grows older its easier for them to climb into the seat by themselves.
  • The RXT comes in a variety of colors Cobalt, Shadow, Plum, Spring, Storm, Daytona, Rugby and Trekk – a color and texture for everyone!
  • The Radian RXT has a 10 year life warranty the booster car seat has a one year warranty

Lets look at some of the Diono Radian RXT reviews

Nik in her Diono Radian RXT review states the following”This car seat is amazing! We completely over researched and sought tons of input from a lot of resources before finally purchasing this to move out of our infant carrier. We are so happy that we purchased this – it is so well engineered, fits awesome in our car, and our daughter is comfortable.” Read More Here

M. Pogi in her review says ” A little on the expensive side but it does worth it. By its weight alone you can tell it’s a well-made product. It doesn’t take too much real estate on your car since it’s not as wide as many car seats but still fits the baby perfectly well.” Read More on the Diono Radian RXT review here

What you get in the box

Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat, one cup holder, rear-facing base, infant support cushions, SafeStop harness, rear-facing tether connector strap, and the diono radian rxt manual.

To conclude my Diono Radian RXT review, I think it is a well-thought out, well laid out, solidly constructed and safe convertible car seat that has a number of innovative features to it. The Diono Radian RXT is safe, and surprisingly lean enough to fit in tight spaces in the back seat. Is it the safest convertible car seat on the market, I can’t say for sure, but it definately is one of  the safest car seats on the market.Overall, this is great car seat to buy.

Radian RXT Installation


The Diono Radian RXT is a convertible car seat that is suitable from 5-120 pounds. It is made from steel alloy, not plastic making it heavier but safer. All in all with all the features this is a good buy.
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