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Extra Long Baby Gate

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You will need and extra long baby gate when you want to close off a wide opening between rooms or you need to close off a stairway or maybe even to close off the porch area. Below you will find our indepth reviews on 5 of the top rated extra long baby gates.


 When looking for the perfect gate to fit your needs you may waextra long baby gate reviewsnt to keep the following in mind.

  1. Is it wall mounted or pressure mounted?
  2. Can it be used outdoors as well or only indoors?
  3. How wide is the width of the walk through gate area?
  4. How easy is it to open? Can my toddler open it or only an adult?

Check out these extra long baby gates.

Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate

extra long baby gate

This baby gate comes in two colors, linen white and Espresso brown – that is a dark brown bordering on black. It is made to fit opening 38.3 to 71 inches wide and is 30 inches high. It comes with an arched gate in the center which is an extra-wide 25.5 inches. The gate swings open in both directions with a child proof latch on both sides.

This gate needs to be screwed into the wall.It comes with 4 brackets which get screwed into the wall and once installed, the gate slides onto them. The top brackets have a latching mechanism that lock the gate into place. To release, simply press down the buttons on the top brackets and slide the gate up and off. The brackets remain screwed into the walls.

You may have a few issues with the moulding on the wall.The bottom bracket should be slightly higher than what it is but it can be worked around.


North States Supergate

North States Gates

This extra long baby gate goes from 22″ all the way to 62″ wide and has a height of 31″ tall.This gate is easy to install and easy to remove and store. It is made from heavy duty uni body construction, non toxic plastic has rounded corners and the latch is easy to open and close.

The North States Supergate will swing open. It can swing 180 degrees fully extended or telescope back onto itself and swing 180 degrees. This gate is great for top of the stairs, bottom of the stairs, between rooms, block off the porch.


Regalo Baby Gate

extra long baby gate

The Regalo extra wide walk through gate is a gate that is long and fits up to 58″, 31″ tall and can be pressure mounted, no holes in the wall and is easy to install. It is mounted with four pressure mounts that are each individually adjustable to provide the perfect fit.It is made up of 100% steel construction and is PVC free. This gate is great for doorways and hallway openings.

This gate comes with a walkthrough door that has a lever that is easy for adults to open but almost impossible for baby to open.

This extra long baby gate is easy to store flat and its really easy to move around the house to other openings.

The spacing between each of the bars is about 2-1/4 and 2-3/4 inches. If you this gate is not wide enough you can buy an extension for it. The gate can arrange the gate and it’s extensions in any way that you like right or left side.

This gate is recommended for babies and toddlers from 6-24 months.


Evenflow Baby Gate

Evenflow baby gate

The Evenflow soft and wide gate will surprise you at how good it actually is. The price is surprisingly low but don’t let that detract from it’s quality. Its really easy to install with no need for tools and the mesh fabric can come off and get machine washed.

This gate fits an opening from 38″ to 60″. It is strong and can hold up to the pulling and pushing of a toddler on this gate.

The height is also adjustable. There is a tension rod on the top and bottom allowing for each to be adjusted to your needs.

It connects with rubber bumpers and is not suited for the top of stairs.


Summer Baby Gate

summer baby gate

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate as the title states is made from metal. This gate is mounted on the wall with mounting brackets; pressure mounting is not an option. It comes with 4 extensions for extra large openings. This gate fits openings from 44″ to 72″ and the crown of the door is 36″ high, the rest of the gate is 33″ high. It has a one handed walk through door that swings both ways and is 19″ wide. The gate opens and stays open however it does not open all the way to lay flat on the other gate panels. The gate needs to be pushed closed.

A very nice touch is that this Summer baby gate comes with a scratch guard on the bottom of the gate to prevent scratches on your floor or wood. The color is a bronze finish. The latch is real easy to use. The space between the vertical railings is about 3″