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Plug In Baby Swing Bouncer

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I know you have had days when your baby just won’t calm down, or the only way to calm him/her down is to keep baby in your hands. Your back feels like it’s about to break and you need a solution quick. Well technology is great and the “plug in baby swing” or otherwise called bouncer is your answer.

The baby swing will calm your baby down and give you and your back a much needed break! These plug in bouncers are so comfortable that baby can sleep and in them for a good nap as well.

Here are my 3 top rated plug in baby swing bouncer

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing With Smart Swing Technology

plug in baby swingThis Fisher Price plug in baby swing comes with music – 16 different tunes to choose from and can swing from head to toe of from side to side.

The seat is adjustable, it can sit in an upright or recline position or can be left, right or center facing. The position that you place the seat will determine how the cradle will swing – side by side or head to toe.

The seat itself is really comfortable made with soft fabric that is machine washable and an infant insert that supports body and head for a newborn.

Above baby’s head are little birdies which is great for stimulation and added entertainment.

The swing also comes with 6 different speed settings, from real slow to real fast. It actually has senses that can sense the weight of baby so the speed of the swing won’t slow down as your baby grows.

This bouncer swing also comes with a 5 point safety harness.

The main draw back on this great bouncer is that it does make a grinding sound when turning on the mobile unit or changing from different sounds. However the noise does not seem to bother the babies as they all sleep great in it.

It also cannot be folded up easily for storage. To store it you need to dismantel it.

It does not come with an auto on off timer.

If your baby suffers from reflux this could be a great help for you. Many babies who suffer from reflux are able to sleep very comfortably in this swing because of its angles.

The Snugabunny is easy to clean and comes with an AC adapter, batteries are not included, 4 D (LR20) alkaline batteries are required. This swing is suitable from newborn to 25lbs. Out of all the Fisher Price baby bouncer options, this is the preferred one.

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 Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing

The Graco Glider comes with a unique design which is a great space saver. This swing comes with both the swinging and vibrator option. To be more specific it comes with 6 gliding or swinging options and 2 vibrator settings. Baby will also be soothed by the music that can be played with this swing. You have the option of 10 classical tunes and 5 nature sounds.  plug in baby bouncer

The seat is large and comfortable, with soft fabric that is easily to remove and wash. It comes with full body and head support and reclines to 3 different positions and has a removable toy bar.

The Graco plug in baby swing is suitable from infantcy to 30 lbs.

This swing only swings from front to back, not from side to side another con is that although this is a plug in swing if you want to use the vibration feature you will need to use batteries. It does come with the AC cord.

It does come with a timer which is a great benifit. It does make a noise when gliding but nothing terrible or truely noteworthy.

This bouncer is not easily portable and if you do want to fold it and store it you will need to dismantle it.

The glider does move far to around 5-6 inches on level 6 however it does take time to build up to it.

What do people think of this plug in baby swing?

Christina in her review said the following:”And my baby LOVES this glider. She would sleep in it all day/night if I let her. I can finally put her down and shes safe/secure. There’s no way this thing will tip over, not even with my 2 1/2 year old son messing with it

Rebecca N says:”if you just want a nice gliding experience for an older baby to go to sleep, this one takes the cake.

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 Fisher-Price Power Plus SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n Swing

This plug in baby swing has all the functions of a large swing, yet it is more compact and will save you up to 40% on space!

It comes with two swinging options, side by side or head to toe. The swinging motor does make some noise but nothing that is terrible or disturbing. It is portable and is foldable for storage!  plug in baby swing reviews

It comes with soft fabric that is removable and washable and a head support for an infant.

Your baby will enjoy the option of 6 swing speeds and even has calm, soothing music to play. The music consists of 10 calming tunes and 2 nature sounds. Baby will also enjoy the mobile, which helps with stimulation.

The seat however does not have recline positions and is best for baby and newborns and less suitable for a baby that can sit up already. It is suitable from newborn to 25lbs.

It can be plugged in or run on batteries.

Here are what people are saying about this plug in baby bouncer

Jennie Banaszewski says in her review “1) this takes up less space, you can fold up the legs (The seat doesn’t fold up), and easily carry it from room to room with the handle. 2) A pretty deep seat, not as deep as a rock n play, but deeper then the papasan swings like the Snugabunny. 3) My husband said setting it up wasn’t too bad, it was actually fairly user friendly.”

Jane M in her review says the following: “This has all the features of a deluxe full-size swing, including six speeds, tons of music and sound options but in a 40% smaller size (according to Fisher Price). I think most of the size must be the height of the swing; it’s not as tall as a full-size swing, and the seat is slightly lower to the ground, but babies don’t even sit that much higher in full-size swings. Full-size swings might have a slightly longer swing arc, but only slightly – and I really can’t imagine a baby enjoying swinging at max power.” 

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The Verdict

You can’t go wrong with either of these plug in baby swings as pointed out each has its pro’s and con’s but I do tend to like the idea more of being able to swing baby in two different directions and that it can be folded up.

To me that is a huge benefit, sometimes you just want the lounge clear of baby things and to know that I can easily fold it away for the evening is a winner for me. So my personal favorite plug in baby swing would be this one, Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing With Smart Swing Technology,  the which is yours? Leave your comments below!